Apple-Watch Is Not After Wearable Market, It’s After How We Tell Time

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I had a chat with Greg Maher from Look Northinc and the below thoughts came about.

Apple launched last week its new and long coming iPhone6, as well as the Apple Watch (aka, not iWatch).

Apple Watch is a $350-$1000 or so hardware that can tell time, as well as connect via bluetooth to your iPhone to become smarter. It can show text messages with inteligente predictive replying mechanism, take a call or see who is around you. As Apple says – an entire new kind of conversation.


What if Apple-Glass is a Reverse Version of Google-Glass?

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Recently I’ve been finding myself talking in meetings about “An Application Economy” whereby the future of TV may be driven by people broadcasting application and information from their iPhone into their TV’s.


Or In Other Words, Subscribe!

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One of the things I love about WordPress is the ecosystem around it. I’ve integrated wysija plugin to create a newsletter in practically minutes and it works just great. In months that I’ll create enough content, I’ll use wysija to create/send a newsletter and keep you posted over email.

Enjoy (or in other words, subscribe!)



When a StartupMan Launches A $70M VC

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(disclosure: David Hirsch is a Taboola advisor)

For entrepreneurs, one of the constant concerns is about funding.

How to get it, how much, who to get it from, how long will it take, are they strategic, will they help when needed, are they pro-founders or pro-share-holders, does it matter if they are nearby, or is it ok if they are on the other coast, and many more questions.

A few months ago, I had a catch up session with one of our managers, and we talked about the importance of managers knowing the job, just as good as they know how to manage. That’s why people that become managers from the ground-up, first doing, then doing a bit more, manage one person and then manage a few – have a meaningful advantage. Nobody they’ll hire will ever wonder how they got the job, and those managers will have the resilience of being there first, breaking the glass ceiling, and selling that first deal.


My Dad. Me. TEDx. 12 Minutes

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My dad, besides being a great dad, is also a killer guitar player, who started out in the south of Tel-Aviv 30 years ago, and since then played along the likes of, Sir George Martin from the Beatles, Eric Clapton’s drummer, Sex and the City, Sopranos and others. My dad, being my dad – he “did it all” carrying a big smile, in a humble fashion.


Two months ago, my dad and I were fortunate to be invited to speak at TEDx. We started working with executive producer, Osher Assouline, on the talk where the topic was The Hero’s Journey. I began our talk with a comparison between the journey of technology to that of music, and there we would transition the talk into our musical debut together on stage, performing a (re)arrangement of songs, that would tell the Hero’s Journey through 3 different heros.